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Are Your photographs the best they could be-and do you have them protected for future generations?

The Photo Finishers creates Archival prints or archival digital product from your images no matter what format you have.

The Photo Finishers Complete Imaging Center has been proudly serving Hot Springs, Arkansas and it's surrounding communities for 13 years now. Lots of things have changed in the last 13 years, and we have changed with the times. 13 years ago, digital was just a glint in Kodak's eye. We were the first in our area to offer custom digital restoration services, and digital printing of any kind. We offered the first digital copy services via the Kodak Picture Maker Copyprint Station, and much more.

One of the things that hasn't changed in all that time is our commitment to the finest quality printing product for our clients whether digital or traditional film processing (WE HAVE AN AMAZING SPECIAL ON FILM PROCESSING FOR A LIMITED TIME, CHECK IT OUT HERE). The first thing we consider is the media that we will place your images. When you have your print created at The Photo Finishers, you will have them returned to you in the greatest photographic storage device ever created, Traditional photographic paper, exposed to light. Now we use lasers to create stunningly sharp images rather than lenses and reflectors and mirrors and light bulbs, but the basic process of exposure is the same, so we know how long your Kodak Royal Print will last. We know that they will be around for at 100 years, so that your family history and memories are preserved for future generations. We sleep really well at night knowing our effort will help our clients family heritage survive. Can you say the same about the images on your camera or in your computer hard drive? Does your Hard Drive have Guarantee that if the dog eats it, you can retrieve those images? Kodak Royal Paper we print on has that guarantee, we think that is pretty impressive. We take that guarantee one step further. If you have the image printed here from film or digital source on our Kodak Royal Paper, we will reprint it for free should it be damaged, no need to send it back to Kodak. Just call us at our Hot Springs location (501) 624-4029 for more details.

We take extra steps in printing from any source to make sure that your images are perfect every time. Did you know that we professionally color balance our monitors and printers to insure that we get the best most consistent results every time from the smallest locket size to the largest poster print we create. Were you aware that every image printed-in our Royal Print Process- is evaluated by a real live human being to insure accurate color and density? (How many places even have trained technicians anymore?) Technology is great, and we utilize the finest from Kodak, Fuji, Adobe, Nik and many others to help us, but we have found that nothing is perfect. The closest thing is technology in combination with a well trained eye. If you have ever had a photograph that didn't look as good as you thought it could, give us a try, you might just be impressed- we'll even do it free- you have a nothing to lose, but so much to gain. 

We still welcome your film. Digital is really cool, and we really enjoy its benefits, but there is just something magical about the way film captures the light that we love. We offer one hour service on color print film (35mm and APS), as well as in house processing for 120 and 220 print and slide films, B&W and E-6slide film. Each film negative or slide is individually analyzed to be the best it can be, or we will reprint it for you at no charge.

Standard print sizes available in lab from any format film or digital file:

Wallet (2.5X3.5)
















We can create any size photograph not shown above to meet any custom size requirement necessary.



discover what treasures await on the film and disposable cameras that have been lying around your house for ages!

The Photo Finishers offers Special Limited Time Amnesty (turn yourself in) for your old film that is clogging up your drawers and Old Shoe Boxes!

Admit it, you probably have at least a few rolls of film that you just canít seem to remember to have processed, and at least one that you donít even know what is on it. To celebrate their 13th year of business in Hot Springs, The Photo Finishers complete imaging center is offering amnesty to all those folks with old rolls of film sitting around in your junk drawers and shoe boxes. If you are like most of us, you would love to have those rolls processed and check this project off your ďto doĒ list.

The time has never been better to have them processed and finally reclaim your storage- and re-live the memories that are locked away in those little film canisters.

Exposed film can degrade over time if it is not processed, so it is really important to take advantage of this one time offer and get that film processed now. You can order just processing, processing and an index print, regular prints, a CD, or in any combination. With this Amnesty, the time will never be better, and your cost will never be lower. Film developing prices are as low as $2.49 during this Film Amnesty Promotion on your C-41 color print film.

For complete details, just call The Photo Finishers Location on Albert Pike at 624-4029 Donít wait any longer on this, the prices will never be lower, and this Amnesty is available only for a very limited time.


Check out our special film Amnesty Program, just call The Photo Finishers Location on Albert Pike in Hot Springs, Arkansas at 624-4029 Donít wait any longer on this, the prices will never be lower, and this Amnesty is available only for a very limited time.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us us.

The Photo Finishers has been the areas most complete Photographic and Digital Resource for 13 years. In addition to film developing, they offer professional digital printing in house for sizes from locket photos to 24X36, Full service professional video center capable of transferring film, tapes, negatives, slides or photos to custom made DVD Videos, Photographic Restoration and copy services on any size or condition original, Equipment sales and repair, Albums, frames, lenses, bags and accessories, in addition to an amazing full service studio and truly friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Stop by 1819 Albert Pike Suite F. in Hot Springs, or call 624-4029 or toll free 888-624-4029 for all your imaging needs.

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