Do you love photography, but wish you were better with your equipment?

I used to say that camera manuals were written by engineers who understood math a whole lot better than they understand english. I’m not sure that is true anymore. These days, if you get a manual at all, it seems they were dictated by engineers to voice recognition computers low on battery while underwater with a can and some string as a microphone. There is not much exposition or explanation of function or purpose, and certainly not any “how to” or “what for” information. Manufacturers like, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Samsung etc continue to make these devices more and more complicated and market them as more simple, as an “easy button” solution without telling you what to do with them. The information I am going to share with you at this event will apply to your photography, no matter what camera you own today.

Would it be worth a couple of hours of your time on February 3rd to receive the secrets it has taken me a lifetime of hard study (and mistakes) to discover?

Whether you want to be a professional photographer, just want to create “snap shots” of your kids and family, love to take nature photographs of the lake or streams, or long to express your creativitiy with edgy fine art or fashion style photography, you need a bit more information than you will find in that manual you have. Can you figure it all out on your own. Yes, you can. That’s what I did.

It took me a long time.

Do you have 20 years? Maybe, but I can tell you, it's not the best method, and certainly not the fastest. So don't invest your time like I did walking the long way to the top of the mountain. Take the shortcut and fly a helicoptor to the top of the mountain. I wish when I was coming up, I had some way to get a shortcut, to get the basics from someone who had already done the hard learning and could explain the essentials to me. I wish there had been someone who could tell me the difference between shutter speed and f-stop and depth of field and what makes water photograph pretty, and why the heads and feet of the person are cut off in the 8X10 and not in the 4X6... and on and on.

Photography can sure seem complicated when you look at all the moving parts! I can help you simplify it, in much less than 20 years.

Do you have questions about photography that you have always wanted answered?

If your photographs are dissapointing to you, or they just don’t turn out as good as the ones you see from other photographers in magazines, in publications and on display, it’s not because you “just don’t have it in you.” Those other photographers have something that you don't have. But you can get it. It is most likely because you don’t have a firm undersanding (or maybe even awareness-they don’t teach this stuff in school- even in college- I took that course and it wasn’t there) of a set of basic tried and true principles for createing pleasing photographs. It’s not your fault, because nobody told you. The information is not even that easy to find. It has to be cobbled together from books and experience. It took me years to piece it all together, and years more to create a system to make it easy to understand for everyone. I have done all the heavy lifting for you and am ready to share. Are you ready to receive?

Oh, I guess I need to tell you who that guy is in the photos and videos! It's me, my name is Waco Hill, and I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years now. In addition to my own portrait studio business (Waco Hill Fine Portrait Photography), I own The Photo Finishers and Forever Yours Portrait and Wedding Studio in Hot Springs. The Photo Finishers is celebrating 21 years as a going concern this year. You don't stay in business for that long without knowing at least a little about what you are doing, and I would like to think I have the respect of my peers, that being said...

I will probably take some heat for this from my friends in the photography industry for doing this event.


I created The PHOTOMAKERS Quick Start Live event. These are mini classes that will be scheduled over the course of the next year where we will jam pack 2 hours (plus if you want to stay after lunch a 2 hour BONUS section)with information that will allow individuals with any skill level to use any camera to create a pleasing photograph.

NOTICE: The January 20th date is SOLD OUT. Get in on the Febrary 3rd date before the seats are all filled!

What I am going to do is answer YOUR SINGLE MOST BURNING QUESTION about photography in this two hour jam packed PhotoMakers Quick Start Program. You will Discover how your camera works and exactly the steps to jump start your Photography. If you are a more advanced photo person, I have a few tricks that are sure to move you towards the next level on February 3rd! But don't wait to long. I can only accept the first 5 people to register, and registration closes February 1st at 1:00pm.



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Here is just a partial list of the topics I will be covering in this fast paced fun two hour live and in person program (If you are ready to apply for a space in an upcoming quick start program click the above Quick Start Link now or call (501)624-4029).

Let me ask you...

If I could teach you how to use all the functions on your camera and give you a step by step method for creating photographs that are pleasing to the eye and tell you what accessories will skyrocket your photography to the level of the pro.Tell me, how much would that be worth to you $200 bucks? If I would GUARANTEE those results, would you sign up right now?

Well, if the average consumer level single lense reflex camera (you will find out what that means in the quick start program if you don’t know) is an investment of $600.00, what would the skills to use that piece of equipment be worth? At least double I would say. As someone who has made a good living as a professional for 20+ years, I can tell you that these skills have been worth well over a million dollars to me. That’s no joke. But I wouldn’t charge you a million dollars, or even 10% of that ($100,000), or even double the price of a SLR camera ($1200.00).

So what is the investment for the February 3rd 2 hour Quick Start Class from 10am-12pm?

I am setting the investment for this Quick Start class at a very fair $157.00 and it’s worth every penny. In fact, I am giving each attendee over $200.00 in FREE gifts (including exclusive online content and take home goodies), that’s more than the price of admission. But because you are a client and friend of ours, I am going to give you the opportunity to come for only $59.00. My accountant is screaming obsenities at me over this. She thinks I am crazy, but I want your tush in a seat because I am just bursting at the seams to share all this information. You can get in on the ground floor cheap. To this point, I have not made this class available to the general public. Only friends and clients of myself and The Photo Finishers received word of June 9th class date and 10am time.

You may be wondering if this class will be worth your money, even the super discounted $59.00 money. I understand that, we are all skeptics at heart, and I can certainly see how this could seem to good to be true.

If you don’t want answers to your most pressing photographic questions, then it is not worth the money. If you don't want to understand what all those buttons and dials on your camera mean, then don't come. If don't want to know a trick to reducing or eliminating red eyes from your subject before you take the photo, then stay home and do some laundry, I don't want to waste your time.

BUT...If you do want answers, I am so convinced that you will receive value above and beyond the very small (and nuttily discounted) investment, that I will guarantee results. I am taking all the risk from you. If it’s not for you, (and it may not be for everybody) I don’t want your money.

Worry No More. Here is my No crawfishing, no back peddling- Guarantee to you -in Writing for all the world to see:

“I am so convinced that we will be providing value above and beyond your small investment, that if by the first break you don’t think you have heard or seen at least 3 things that you didn’t know and will help you make a great improvement in your photography I want you to let me know what I did wrong. I will refund your money, you can go on about your day, and we will part as friends, no hard feelings. The free gifts are yours to keep with our appreciation for the opportunity. I will hate you miss the rest of the program, but I will understand.”

You have no risk.

I am going to take all the risk for you, in fact it's kind of like I will be paying you to take the class! (that IS kind of stupid now that I think about it-maybe my accountant is right?) But, you have no worries. Register, and come to the class. If it’s not what you hoped for by the first break, you can go on about your day and it won’t cost you a thin dime- I'll refund your entire $59.00 investment-no hard feeling either. I am even going to make sure you will come out ahead with the over $200.00 of Free Gifts I am going to give you just for trying it out (check out the amazing bonuses below)

Dont' wait until the last minute. Registration will close for the February 3rd event on February 1st at 1:00pm, so don’t delay. Last minute drop in's will not be admitted to the room, sorry.

CLICK HERE if you could use some help with photography

Or, if you prefer, just call Sandy or Kayla to reserve your seat today at (501) 624-4029 . Seating is limited to the first 5 and when gone, we will close the doors. I will not be adding additional seats for this class, no matter what the demand.

This live event is 20 years in the making- no kidding.

The question I am most often asked when I am at The Photo Finishers and working with a client with their camera is “Do you ever have classes?” and “When are you going to have a class on photography.” In all honesty that is the question I have gotten most for the last 10 years. But the problem was the time to put it together. As you may know, in addition to The Photo Finishers and Forever Yours Portrait Studio, I have a very successful Portrait Photography business (Waco Hill Fine Portrait Photography) that has kept me extremely busy with portraits and weddings over the past 20 years or so.

Truthfully, I have never been able to find the time to create a program that I myself would have wanted to take when I was starting out with my first camera (a Pentax K-1000 all manual film camera that I bought used- I still have it and love it!). Back then, you had to figure it all out on your own. These days, in some ways it is worse. The manuals you get with your equipment (if you get a manual at all-I didn’t with my k-1000) are poorly written and barely explain even what all the dials mean on the camera.

"If I can learn on this ancient camera with no insturuction book as a complete novice, then you can too."

I understand your frustrations. It seems the only option is a college course, but most people that I speak with don’t have the time to be away from home for all the time in the classroom. The more I have thought and studied on this idea of a class, the more I believed that such a thing is really needed, so this last year I have massively scaled back to the point of semi retirement in my portrait and wedding business and dedicated myself to creating a plan that will allow me to share my 20+ years of accumulated hard fought, in the field tested, photographic knowledge with you. No matter your skill level, or your area of interest, I have created something that will be a great benefit to you.

What about those FREE Bonuses I mentioned?

In addition to everything you will discover at this packed solid 2 hour event, I am going to include the following bonus gifts just for attending the class so I can keep on helping you even after the event:

Plus we have tons of goodies valued well over $100.00 for you to take home with you after the event and as a special bonus:

For the first 2 who register, I am going to include a FREE 15 minute consultation with me (Waco) that we can talk one on one about whatever you photographic subject you are most interested in. $45.00 value FREE for the 1st 5

Plus I will give all 5 attendees confidential access to me with a private email address only for Inside Circle Members.

I look forward to seeing you at the event.

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