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What kind of equipment do you need to realize your photographic vision?

At The Photo Finishers we make every effort to help you find the products that you want at the investment that you need.

Whether you need a high quality digital card, or a few rolls of film {yes, we still stock film- Kodak Gold Max films, Kodak Professional Portra Films (35mm and 120 sizes), Kodak Tmax and Tri-x Black and White films, E-6 Process Fuji Slide film in stock} a lens, flash, tripod, or the camera itself, we probably have what you need, or certainly can get it for you.

We offer a selection of New and Used Cameras, and welcome your trade in's. If you are a student, we carry manual 35mm and medium format camera bodies and classic lenses, as well as the paper, film sleeves, gray cards, chemicals, cleaning kits and other supplies you may need.

If you are having a problem with your camera or other equipment, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help solve the issue. We offer cleaning and operations checks, minor power trouble shooting and some body and electronics repairs. Often we can correct an issue right here in our store, but if complex service is required beyond our capabilities here in the shop, we are happy to send your camera or equipment to one of our custom advanced repair facilities.

We stock all brands of Cameras and Accessories from most all major manufacturers including Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, Kodak, Lowepro, Delkin, Fuji, Promaster, Kalt, Prinz and many others. If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, we are happy to special order for you.

The foundation of our Business is built on service not products, so feel certain that we will take care of you in a manner that is all but forgotten in today's "Big Box" anti-customer world. We feel that taking care of clients is a lost art to most people, and we pride ourselves on our ability to take care of the people that bless us with their patronage.

We have a selection of Frames and albums in stock in addition to our equipment line. For that special someone, we also offer photogifts such as Mugs, T-shirts, adorable baby blankets and more. We carry the hard to find Lytle photo magnet pockets in various sizes so that you can display your prized photographs right on the fridge for everyone to see.

For complete details, to find out if we can help you with your equipment needs, click this link, or just call The Photo Finishers Location on Albert Pike at 624-4029 or (Toll Free 888-624-4029). Donít wait any longer on this, someone else may have their eye on that camera and lens you've been dying to have.

The Photo Finishers has been the Hot Springs, Arkansas areas most complete Photographic and Digital Resource for 13 years. In addition to film developing, they offer professional digital printing in house for sizes from locket photos to 24X36, Full service professional video center capable of transferring film, tapes, negatives, slides or photos to custom made DVD Videos, Photographic Restoration and copy services on any size or condition original, Equipment sales and repair, Albums, frames, lenses, bags and accessories, in addition to an amazing full service studio and truly friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Stop by 1819 Albert Pike Suite F. in Hot Springs, or call 624-4029 or toll free 888-624-4029 for all your imaging needs.

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