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 Amazing New Digital Technology Revolutionizes Photographic Industry and Transforms The World as We Know It

(anything that can be done with a negative, we can do with a Digital File)



 (if you haven't tried it yet, you can crop, color correct remove red eye all yourself, and right now we have an introductory special for only .22 cents per 4X6 print printed on true photographic Kodak Royal Paper- ready in just a few minutes)  Visit us at our 1819 Albert Pike location and try it out for yourself.

While we are pleased to offer the self service station for those of you who want to do it yourself, we will continue to offer our Royal Deluxe Digital Print Services just as we always have. With the Royal Deluxe Service you can just drop your card off with us and our trained technicians color and density correct every digital file on your order- just like always- and no wasting your valuable time. We can print any size photograph you would like from a tiny locket photo, to 4X6 prints, gloss or matte, 8X10's (and 8X12 full frame images with no crop) all the way up to a 24X36 poster right here at our location. After all, this is what we do for a living, so we can free up your time do the things that are important to you.

No worries, no hassles and perfect every time.

    It seems that the new catchword for the last 10 to 15 years is "digital". Any new product or service introduced has the buzzword digital included as an adjective. This one little descriptor, somehow suggesting a magic bullet, or potion that solves all the issues that may have plagued an industry or product before it's digital transformation. There is no doubt that digital and computer technology have transformed society and certainly the photographic community. That's not bad thing. Progress is natural and as artists and craftsmen we always strive to improve out craft, to do more with less. Digital technology has brought fantastic options to photographers, professional and amateur alike that could not have been imagined even 20 years ago. That's the great news.....

Now are you ready for... the Scary part....

     The reason that we work so hard here at The Photo Finishers is that we believe that photographs and video, and audio recordings are important, they represent our history, and can trigger, emotional memories that can mean more in the future that we could ever imagine today. If you have taken the time to visit our site, I am betting that you feel the same way. My Grandparents are gone now, and I can tell you that the photographs and video I have of them are priceless to me. When I see the pictures I created inside their house, I remember being there. I can hear the sounds and smell the smells. Those images are priceless, and I can't bear the idea of losing them. In the old days, just about the only thing that would happen to a picture, was a natural disaster- a fire, or a flood. Now with all the advances of digital photography, comes something even more insidiously devastating, that can wipe out more memories that fire ever did. It's not particularly violent, but it is something that we see all to often here at The Photo Finishers...

The damaged Camera Card

The Locked up Camera

Formatted Card

Crashed Hard Drives and more...


     The biggest problem with digital is that we are not making backups of our "negatives" whether on CD, or as prints, or on redundant hard drive systems. We have been lulled into a sense that digital is forever and infallible, therefore we become lazy in printing and archiving and creating albums for our photographs. Then a lighting storm comes along and every photograph from the last five years (Graduations, birthdays, weddings, holidays, vacations)---- all gone---- forever. Don't let that happen to you. Utilize printing services, make at least one archival gold CD or DVD copy of your files. Please trust our experience in saying that these things do happen. Please don't let them happen to your family. It's to important to us. It is our passion.

     If the unthinkable happens, we do offer professional card and disc recovery solutions right here at our Albert Pike Photo Finishers Location. We have very consistent high percentage of recovery, just take every precaution not to need that service.

Services include:

Images/files to CD and DVD

Images/files to Gold 100 year DVD and 300 year Archival Gold CD

Hard drive Storage on site

Self Service and Full Service:

True Photographic Printing from any digital Format or source media to any print size

Scan from prints to CD or DVD

Custom Video presentation from Digital Media or prints

Digital Media Image Recovery

Camera Repair

Much More...


Discover what treasures await on the film and disposable cameras that have been lying around your house for ages!

The Photo Finishers offers Special Limited Time Amnesty (turn yourself in) for your old film that is clogging up your drawers and Old Shoe Boxes!

Admit it, you probably have at least a few rolls of film that you just canít seem to remember to have processed, and at least one that you donít even know what is on it. To celebrate their 13th year of business in Hot Springs, The Photo Finishers complete imaging center is offering amnesty to all those folks with old rolls of film sitting around in your junk drawers and shoe boxes. If you are like most of us, you would love to have those rolls processed and check this project off your ďto doĒ list.

The time has never been better to have them processed and finally reclaim your storage- and re-live the memories that are locked away in those little film canisters.

Exposed film can degrade over time if it is not processed, so it is really important to take advantage of this one time offer and get that film processed now. You can order just processing, processing and an index print, regular prints, a CD, or in any combination. With this Amnesty, the time will never be better, and your cost will never be lower. Film developing prices are as low as $1.00 during this Film Amnesty Promotion on your C-41 color print film.

For complete details, just call The Photo Finishers Location on Albert Pike at 624-4029 Donít wait any longer on this, the prices will never be lower, and this Amnesty is available only for a very limited time.

The Photo Finishers has been the areas most complete Photographic and Digital Resource for 13 years. In addition to film developing, they offer professional digital printing in house for sizes from locket photos to 24X36, Full service professional video center capable of transferring 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film, tapes, negatives, slides or photos to custom made DVD Videos or video memories presentations, Photographic Restoration and copy services on any size or condition original, Equipment sales and repair, Albums, frames, lenses, bags and accessories, in addition to an amazing full service studio and truly friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Please visit us at 1819 Albert Pike Suite F. in Hot Springs, or call 624-4029 or toll free 888-624-4029 for all your photographic requirements.

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